About Daisy Dodge


Born and raised in Michigan, a mid-western girl at heart; I graduated from Columbus 


College of Art & Design in Columbus, Ohio.



My career in Product Design took me from Ohio to Michigan to Minnesota and landed 


me in New York in 1999. I have made a career of designing products including 


Stationery, Children’s Activities, Party Goods, and Halloween Costumes.



I am a painter, a quilter, and all-around fine artist. I try to create works that engage the 


viewer with specialized technique, regardless of medium. My paintings have a tactile 


texture to them, with layers upon layers of paint, metallic glazes, and iridescent shimmer. 


I aim to draw the viewer in to take a closer look, so they want to “touch” the work before them.



My collage art is comprised of antique baubles and nostalgic tokens, coupled with the gems 


and trinkets of today. Each piece speaks to the on-looker and connects with them in one 


or more of its objects, encouraging them to “remember when”…



My quilts are tediously crafted, with an explosion of unexpected color. I pride 


myself on precise, skilled workmanship on a minute scale, with incredible attention to detail.



I happily reside in Carmel, New York with my husband, Michael, and my feline daughter, Janice.